EXTRA DAMAGECAST // IndieCade 2013

Extra Damage went to IndieCade 2013 and brought back some audio for your ears! This year was an incredible show filled with amazing games and developers! We interviewed several awesome game creators to talk about the things that matter most, like Blinx the Cat, combining RPGs and pinball, how to make games without an artist, and how to get a bunch of musicians to work on your game!

Sadly, not all of our interviews came through on the audio side, and we lost our interview with Cellar Door Games about their hit game Rogue Legacy. We mainly just talked about beards though.

Also, Josh and Jesse spend some time at the end recapping the show and talking about all the cool stuff they played. IndieCade is an incredible show and we were so happy to have been able to go!


And special thanks to our interviewees!

Ericka Evans from Phantom Compass

Kenny Lee and Gordon McGladdery from Cellar Door Games

Rambod Kermanizadeh from Mind Factory Studios

John Robert Matz and Francisco Cerda from Gunpoint

Nathan Vella from Capybara Games


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