EXTRA DAMAGECAST // Episode #106

The Extra Damagecast is here to talk about Destiny 2, new cars, hockey stories, Yakuza games, Dishonored 2, and much more!


Josh and Jesse take a quick break from playing Destiny 2 to talk about Destiny 2, also some Nintendo stuff I guess.

EXTRA DAMAGECAST // Episode #105

After an audio problem ate last weeks episode, we are back to talk about Hellblade, Agents of Mayhem, Madden 18, Overwatch news, and plenty of other dumb things!

EXTRA DAMAGECAST // Episode #104

After some time off, we are back to talk about Diablo 3, Sundered, PUBG, expensive thrift store finds, Destiny 2, XCOM 2, and a whole lot more!


Jesse is hyped up from EVO and gives you the play-by-play of all the action, plus some Destiny beta impressions, Telltale news, and how Final Fantasy XV paid off in the end.