Thanks to Ryan Davis

Remembering a friend I have never met.

By Joshua David Anderson

The news yesterday was both shocking and terrible: Ryan Davis, co-founder of and host of the Giant Bombcast, passed away from natural causes in his home on July 3rd.

For those who were unfamiliar with him, the reaction may have seemed strange. Forums and websites all over were filled with fans and supporters lamenting the death of a person they had never actually met. The posts from popular video game publications made more sense. These were people who knew Ryan Davis personally, had worked with him. But the scores of people on message boards relating to each other how hard the news was hitting them? That seemed weird, ever to many of the fans themselves.

It felt weird to me.

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Rock Band Has Left the Building

By Josh Schilling

I’m the guy on the left.

This is my first article for Extra Damage so, in the immortal words of Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh, I wanted to “announce my presence with authority.” I arrive at this forum with 30+ years of gaming experience, starting with that old-timer cliché of having played the original Pong at my childhood home. I’m about to clear 100k on my Xbox Live GamerScore, with 93 perfectly completed games including such luminary titles as Skyrim, Fallout 3, Just Cause 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Forza 3 and Borderlands. My left wrist is permanently weakened from spending countless late night hours at 7-11 back in the day, pounding typical Ryu and Ken players with the beautiful Blanka Rolling Attack, and I’ve enjoyed helping out on a few of the podcasts that have been presented on this site. So with this decent gaming pedigree, I wanted to begin my Extra Damage writing foray with a discussion about one of the games that is near and dear to my heart, and one that had a tremendous streak broken in April of this year.

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Why am I even here?

By Jesse Seilhan

On the day I picked up my first E3 badge, the sense of accomplishment and giddiness was palpable. The flashbacks of playing video games as a child, of writing my first newspaper article, and of the countless years I’ve toiled away at various projects seemed to all fit around my neck on a Nintendo-themed lanyard.

I proudly put on something that said “MEDIA” and wore it like a badge of honor. I had made it and I was going to get that “behind-the-curtain” peek into one of my favorite past times, all in the name of journalism. The lines were of no consequence, because I had made appointments and agreed to meet certain representatives at specific times. These pre-destined meetings were arranged to get an even closer look at the world of interactive media, not just play videogames in a bigger bedroom than my own.

2012 was a bit of a lackluster year, with two new consoles obviously in the works but not ready for primetime. Nintendo was the strongest of the three main horses, showing off their new system without any doubt that Microsoft and Sony were happy to dole out some first-party titles to keep the base happy until further notice. In the end, console sales remained stagnant and games with guys and guns kept on selling.

This year, we have a truly unique moment, where two systems are going to be released potentially hours apart from one another and Microsoft has committed a series of public gaffes that had this year’s E3 all a flurry with Sony fervor. In light of this new information, another round of appointments and meetings was scheduled, this time to really get a grip on what was on the cusp of this industry.

So I picked up my badge, headed toward my destinations, and continuously found out that my meetings, my plans, and my profession didn’t mean shit.

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A Link to Nostalgia

Announced sequels to Zelda games get me thinking about Zelda games.

By Joshua David Anderson

What is your favorite video game of all time? It is a weird question. I do not think I can answer it, because I do not know how to parse it. What type of video game? What does favorite even mean? Yet this question can come up a lot. I have seen many gamers struggle with the question, and most just avoid it altogether. Others try to manage the question into something smaller, like favorite 16-bit game, or favorite game from a specific series or console. Even that question poses challenges. So after the recent Nintendo Direct where some big game announcements were made from the Mario house, I started thinking about my favorite game in a specific series, namely, The Legend of Zelda.

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Tomb Raider // IMPRESSIONS

By Joshua David Anderson

More like Cave Raider.

I played the first Tomb Raider when it came out for the Sony PlayStation in 1996. I don’t remember much of the story, and I am fairly sure I never beat the game. All I remember doing is laughing with my brother as we would make Lara Croft jump to her grisly death over and over again. Past that, I never cared much for the Tomb Raider series.

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